How To Select Your Maid Of Honor

Should it be Jessica? Tammy? Louise? Or maybe Anna? Choosing your maid of honor might be difficult for some and easy for others. It’s a very special thing to be asked to be the maid of honor, and that’s what makes choosing yours difficult. You probably have a handful of people in mind, but it may be quite hard to narrow it down. At Vatican Banquet Hall, we’ve seen so many weddings and spoken with so many brides that we think we have a good idea now about the core traits a maid of honor should have.

no drama - maid of honor

No Drama Queens

Maybe you’ve narrowed down a handful of girls on your shortlist to be your maid of honor. All of them will have different traits, but one of the most important ones is that she shouldn’t be one to cause drama. There’s a lot of responsibility with this role, and if she’s the type of person to question everything you ask or make a mountain out of a molehill, it might be better to just cut her out of your decision-making process.

You don’t want her to come dress shopping for the bridesmaids only to have to hear about how she dropped everything to be with you for those three hours. You also want to make sure she doesn’t have any major issues with your potential bridesmaids. You don’t want any added drama on the biggest day of your life. There’s simply no room for pettiness.

An Organizational Star

The maid of honor has a lot of duties to take care of. It’s important to choose someone that you know is capable of staying on top of things, and isn’t a procrastinator. She’ll need to make sure the bridesmaids are doing their jobs.

The maid of honor is your right hand, so you’ll want to pick someone who has the ability to speak up and remind you about certain things when they need to get done. You’ll likely already have your plan set out, but sometimes you need a reminder.

Someone Outgoing

There’s no shortage of spotlight for the maid of honor. You need to make sure the person you select won’t shy away from this responsibility. It’s important that she can be a host for the necessary events, make a speech at the wedding, keep wedding guests dancing, and generally greet guests and be helpful when necessary.

Just be aware that while your maid of honor shouldn’t be shy, she does need to know when to stand out and when to sit back. You’re still the star of the show, so you can’t have your maid of honor trying to steal any thunder.

She Needs Room In Her Schedule

You should be mindful of what your potential maid of honor has going on in her life at the time leading up to your wedding. If she’s working two jobs and has a 4-year-old daughter to take care of, she probably shouldn’t be your first choice. That’s not any fault of hers, it’s just that you need to realize she has major obligations that would make it difficult to dedicate the necessary time for you. Make sure the person you select has the proper amount of time, energy, and emotional generosity you’ll require.

Killer Leadership Skills

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of responsibilities for the maid of honor, so you’ll want someone who knows how to delegate. This is related to finding someone who’s outgoing, since you can’t have her trying to do everything herself because she’s afraid of asking for help from the bridesmaids. She needs to be able to lead the bridesmaids and ensure that everything that needs to be done is getting done.

Being a leader also means she should be able to help others out when necessary and also gage how the team is feeling. If someone is feeling sluggish or down, it would be great for her to be the cheerleader type and hype them up.

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