Fabulous Mini Honeymoon Destinations For Los Angeles Locals

For a variety of reasons, it’s becoming more and more common for couples to take a mini honeymoon, or “mini-moon” as they’re called, instead of a full-blown traditional honeymoon trip. As a result, mini honeymoon destinations are becoming more and more popular, and the small, intimate, cozy towns on the outskirts of major cities are enjoying a newfound boost in business.

Whether it’s because a couple wants to save money, they don’t want to miss too much work, or they have children that they don’t want to be far away from, mini-moons are on the rise—and mini honeymoon destinations are in demand. Here are the best mini-moon spots for Los Angeles locals.

Mini Honeymoon Destinations - San MartinSan Martin

Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains, San Martin offers a stunning lush California valley atmosphere and truly breathtaking views. It’s also home to Rosewood CordeValle, one of the most beautiful and ideal mini honeymoon destinations for Los Angeles locals.

Palm Springs

A classic favorite getaway for Los Angeles locals, Palm Springs offers true luxury resort living for a mini honeymoon destination. The world-famous Palm Springs offers stylish hotels, superior shopping, horseback riding, golfing, and architecture, as well as 5-star spas and gorgeous scenery.

Big Bear Lake

If you love the outdoors and the idea of a quiet, intimate cabin sounds good to you, consider Big Bear. Two hours from Los Angeles, Big Bear is an entirely different vibe atop the mountain, with homey local restaurants, cabins everywhere, a beautiful lake, and outstanding skiing and snowboarding (depending on what time of year you go). Be sure to check weather conditions for this particular mini honeymoon destination—with only one main road back to Los Angeles, you’ll want to keep an eye on the snow’s behavior!

Las Vegas

While Vegas isn’t as quiet or cozy as the other mini honeymoon destinations on this list, many couples do find the excitement and energy to be romantic. And if the whole point of the mini-moon is to save money (and stay out of the casinos), there are plenty of fun things for newlyweds to do together in glitzy, adventurous Las Vegas besides gambling. There are world-class shows, famous restaurants, incredible shopping, and people-watching!


World-famous Malibu makes a great mini honeymoon destination, as newlyweds can enjoy scenic beaches, incredible food, and the relaxed beach culture. Malibu is also home to the Getty Villa (sister museum to the Getty in Santa Monica) and the historic Paradise Cove Beach Café. Many couples also love driving around to check out the jaw-dropping Malibu mansions!

Mini Honeymoon Destinations - Catalina IslandCatalina

If you want a mini honeymoon destination that feels far away but isn’t, Catalina Island is perfect! Only accessible by boat, Catalina offers a bit of everything: nature, history, great dining, and relaxation. Nearly every vehicle on the island is a golf cart, and you’ll have your pick of ziplining, Jeep and helicopter tours, hiking, biking, boutique shopping, and enjoying the boardwalk.

Santa Barbara

Are you a wine lover? Santa Barbara is a picturesque town in the heart of wine country. Besides countless wine and vineyard tours, Santa Barbara also offers amazing beaches, superb restaurants and bars, great shopping, lovely Spanish-style architecture, and a charming atmosphere that newlyweds will love. It’s also a fantastic city for hiking, biking, and generally just being outside!


As you can see, California offers plenty in the way of romantic mini honeymoon destinations! So if you’re in the market for mini-moon ideas, hopefully this list will give you some inspiration! And if you’re still searching for your perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, consider Vatican Banquet Hall. We not only have a stunning venue; we also provide professional wedding planning services. Have a look at our photo gallery, or simply contact us with any questions you have. We’re excited to hear from you!

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