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9 06, 2017

How To Get The Perfect Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding

2017-07-27T22:37:18+00:00 June 9th, 2017|

Plenty of couples these days decide to offer their guests a signature wedding cocktail. This is yet another element to the special day that can be customized (along with the napkins, cake, hashtags, you name it). Plus, by having a signature cocktail for your wedding, a couple can offer their guests a little something more interesting than the run-of-the-mill wine and beer—and they can always

25 05, 2017

Wedding Planning 101: Navigating Your Guest List

2017-08-29T23:52:30+00:00 May 25th, 2017|

When it comes to wedding planning, the guest list can be one of the most stressful parts. You don’t want to offend anyone, but some couples have a limited budget and/or space, and not everyone can be asked to attend. What’s the best way to navigate this? Check out our etiquette tips below. Co-Workers: You see them every day. You spend hours with them. You talk with them all the time. They know you’re getting married. The question is, do you invite them to your wedding?

10 04, 2017

5 Reasons To Have A Small And Intimate Wedding

2017-08-29T23:53:42+00:00 April 10th, 2017|

Congratulations! You're engaged to your spouse and finally on your way to spending the rest of your days with the love of your life. Your first step in the wedding planning process should be to decide what kind of wedding you'd like to have, and while there's no right or wrong way to celebrate your big day you might want to consider having a small and intimate wedding. The wedding experts at Vatican Banquet Hall know that big weddings have been the norm for years, but bucking the trend can actually provide a great experience. Don't believe us? Well, our team's running through some of the reasons you should have a small and intimate wedding.

22 03, 2017

Your Guide: Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

2017-08-29T23:53:55+00:00 March 22nd, 2017|

Congratulations! You're engaged to the love of your life and gearing up for the perfect wedding celebration. Your wedding is bound to be a memorable day, and one of the best ways to keep those memories alive for years to come is with some expert wedding photography. You'll want to capture all the big and little moments of your wedding, and nobody will do that better than a professional photographer. But how do you go about picking the right pro? Well, the team at Vatican Banquet Hall is here to to help with a useful guide of questions to ask your wedding photographer.

3 03, 2017

How To Determine The Perfect Wedding Budget

2017-08-29T23:54:07+00:00 March 3rd, 2017|

It's no secret that most weddings, even budget-friendly affairs, cost a lot of money. And when you're gearing up for some significant spending, it's important to keep things in perspective and plan for what's to come. That's why every successful wedding starts with determining a wedding budget. But deciding your budget is easier said than done. There are tons of factors that impact your wedding budget, and you'll have to take them all into account in order to determine how much you can and should spend on this momentous occasion. Thankfully, the experts at Vatican Banquet Hall are here to help with a useful guide on how to determine the perfect wedding budget. Read on for some useful tips and advice to assist you in budgeting your wedding.

23 02, 2017

5 Engagement Party Ideas Guaranteed To Impress

2017-08-29T23:54:25+00:00 February 23rd, 2017|

Congratulations! You've just got engaged, and are on your way to spending the rest of your years with the love of your life. But how do you let the special people in your life in on the excitement? Well, you could announce your wedding on social media, or send out wedding invitations way far in advance, but we at Vatican Banquet Hall think that nothing announces a wedding better than an engagement party. A great engagement celebration gets people excited about your upcoming wedding, announcing to the world that you and your partner are ready to take the next big step in your relationship. But what should you do for your engagement party? You don't want it to be exactly like your wedding reception. You want to get guests excited for your wedding while also providing them with a unique and fun experience. To help you get inspired, we're running through some engagement party ideas guaranteed to impress your guests.

4 01, 2017

Here Comes The Bride! 5 Wedding Trends To Watch In 2017

2017-08-29T23:54:37+00:00 January 4th, 2017|

Happy New Year! 2017 is officially here, and with a new year comes a host of new wedding trends. You'll definitely want to keep up with what's hot if you're planning a wedding in 2017, and luckily Vatican Banquet Hall is here to help. Our venue specializes in elegant wedding events, and to help you plan yours we've compiled some 2017 wedding trends you'll definitely want to watch.

29 09, 2016

7 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Colors

2019-01-11T21:43:46+00:00 September 29th, 2016|

Color is a big part of what makes something attractive to the eye, and a color palette is a crucial component of your wedding. The color combination you choose can transform the overall feel of your wedding. It can make a wedding feel more casual or more formal. It can look trendy (like you borrowed it from Pinterest), and it can also be truly unique and evocative of your personality. The colors you choose for your wedding are important, and […]

12 09, 2016

10 Last-Minute Wedding Details

2017-07-27T21:53:52+00:00 September 12th, 2016|

The last few weeks before your wedding are filled with the little details that can mean the difference between an event that runs smoothly and a day full of headaches. The bride that pays attention to the last minute details and makes sure that loose ends are tied up will have a relaxing and memorable day. Here are ten last minute details that you shouldn’t forget in your wedding plans.

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6 09, 2016

12 Wedding Planning Tips from The Pros

2017-07-27T21:54:12+00:00 September 6th, 2016|

As a bride-to-be, you would probably die to know the top wedding planning secrets from wedding planning professionals. Well, we’ve got some of the top ones here for you so you can make savvy bridal decisions that your other engaged friends wish they knew!

Invitation Suits

Custom, embossed invitations are absolutely gorgeous and totally worth it for your wedding. But it isn’t a necessity to have each component of your invitation suite made with custom, hand lettering or to be embossed. Make […]

18 08, 2016

Fun for Everyone: Planning An Interactive Wedding

2017-07-27T21:54:48+00:00 August 18th, 2016|

As you are planning your wedding reception, it is good to think about how you will be entertaining your guests. The typical wedding has only one answer, guests will be entertained by dancing. But what about your guests that don’t enjoy dancing or the kids that might attend your wedding? How can you keep them interested so they don’t leave right after the cake cutting? Many brides today are finding other activities to entertain guests, and make their wedding reception […]

29 07, 2016

8 Cute Gift Ideas for Newlywed Couples

2017-07-27T21:55:55+00:00 July 29th, 2016|

A bride and groom are sure to be given all the essentials like towels, sheets, pots, pans, place settings, and glassware for their wedding. But if you want to do something extra special and unique that the newlywed couple will be sure to love, then consider giving one of these ideas. The bride and groom will love getting something that isn’t off of the traditional registry list and that is something fun just for them to enjoy.

19 07, 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Favors

2017-07-27T21:56:21+00:00 July 19th, 2016|

Wedding favors are one of those essential parts on almost every wedding checklist you’ll read and inside every wedding planning how-to book you’ll receive as a bride-to-be. It is traditional to give favors to your guests thanking them for coming to your wedding, although, they don’t have to be the same favors that have made an exhaustive presence at nearly every wedding. And they also don’t have to be cheap little trinkets that your guests don’t actually like.

Follow these tips […]

8 07, 2016

7 Things To Do After You Say “I Do”

2017-07-27T22:03:02+00:00 July 8th, 2016|

Now that your wedding is over, you can sit back, relax, and reminisce about all the amazing moments you had; What happened as you hoped it would? What happened spur of the moment and was so much more memorable? No matter what you’re daydreaming about post-nuptials, it feels good to have all the planning over with. But it’s not totally over! There are still a few wedding-related items you need to tick off your to-do list after you get hitched.

28 06, 2016

Bridal Shower Games That Everyone Will Want to Play

2017-07-27T22:02:52+00:00 June 28th, 2016|

Silly games are a fun part of a bridal shower, but the same games that seem to be at every shower get old quick. However, it is possible to choose unique game ideas that everyone will actually enjoy playing and that don’t include any awkward moments or embarrassing tasks.

Guess Who

Also known as Celebrity or HedBanz, this game involves each guest receiving an index card with the name of an iconic person. Guests aren’t allowed to peek at their card and […]