Corporate Events

15 08, 2019

What Type Of Corporate Event Is Right For Your Company?

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Did you know that more than $122 billion is spent each year on business meetings and events? It’s no surprise—corporate events are perfect for team building, unveiling new products, celebrating key employees, raising money, helping a company plan and grow, and much more.

Is the timing right for a corporate event of your own? If so, what kind is best for your company? There are plenty to choose from. Take a look at our list of corporate event types that there […]

7 08, 2017

5 Great Etiquette Tips For Corporate Events

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When it comes to corporate event planning, there’s more to know than which caterer to choose, what venue to go with, or who to invite. A lot of awareness will come after all the planning, during the event itself. Maybe you’re an old pro at networking or chatting at a corporate event—but if you’re not, here are some great tips to keep in mind. If you’re the person doing the corporate event planning, consider including what attire is expected on the invitations so that guests will know what to wear. This can include things like “business attire”, “jackets and ties”, “business casual”, “golf attire”, or “black tie”.

6 11, 2015

How To Plan A Professional Nonprofit Fundraiser

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Planning a nonprofit fundraiser can be a lot of work, but the task is made infinitely easier if you already have firm understanding of how to organize, promote, and generate revenue at your event. To help your organization get started, the coordinators at Vatican Banquet Hall happily share some of the things they’ve learned from years of planning galas, presentations, awards banquets, and fundraising banquets.

Choosing the Ideal Event Venue

After establishing a budget and determining how many people will be attending […]