5 Great Etiquette Tips For Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate event planning, there’s more to know than which caterer to choose, what venue to go with, or who to invite. A lot of awareness will come after all the planning, during the event itself. Maybe you’re an old pro at networking or chatting at a corporate event—but if you’re not, here are some great tips to keep in mind.

Give The Right Attention To Attire

This will depend on the formality of the event, and when it takes place. If you’re the person doing the corporate event planning, consider including what attire is expected on the invitations so that guests will know what to wear. This can include things like “business attire”, “jackets and ties”, “business casual”, “golf attire”, or “black tie”. Most daytime events will require business casual, in which case you should dress well and in good taste, with clothes being ironed and well-presented. However, if a guest arrives who is over-dressed, under-dressed, or simply dressed opposite of everyone else, don’t make them feel awkward by drawing attention to it.

Introduce Guests The Right Way

This isn’t necessarily part of the corporate event planning, but it’s very good to know about. As the host of a corporate event, you will most likely be expected to introduce various guests to one another. Is there an etiquette to this? Yes. Remember to introduce lower-ranking guests to higher-ranking guests, and remember to include everyone’s titles, such as “Doctor”, “Mr.” or “Mrs.”, “Vice President”, or “Judge”.

Prevent Too Much Drinking

Many companies have a few employees who tend to drink too much at corporate events. To avoid sloppy behavior, there are a few things you can do. One, provide plenty of delicious food to keep everyone’s tummies full. The better the food, the more your guests will eat, and the less the alcohol will affect them. Two, consider limiting the time that you serve alcohol. (For example, close the bar after the first two hours of the event.) Three, you can limit your variety of alcohol. Liquor is going to be the most effective at getting guests tipsy, so think about offering only wine or beer—in smaller glasses. Four, issue drink tickets. This is common at many company events: each guest gets two drink tickets which allow them free drinks, and then they have to pay for any more that they want. And five: hire a bartender who will cut guests off after three drinks.

Know The Appropriate Conversation

Let’s start with what’s inappropriate. Generally, unless you’re very familiar with a guest, avoid discussing politics, personal finances, your health, anyone else’s health, and general gossip. Avoid swearing as well—you never know who may be offended by this. As far as good conversation behavior: be a good listener. Don’t interrupt, but ask relevant questions. Ask people about themselves. Contribute to conversations, but don’t be pushy. Use eye contact, don’t cross your arms, and stand or sit up straight when speaking to your guests.

Understand Handshake Etiquette

The best times to shake hands are when you’re greeting a guest and when you’re saying goodbye to them as well. Use a sincere, firm handshake, maintain eye contact, and smile warmly as you’re shaking their hand. This greeting and farewell is both professional and friendly.

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