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Don’t Rule Out a Winter Wedding

It’s been reported that over 2 million couples get married every year in the United States, which breaks down to nearly 6,000 weddings a day. June is the most popular month for weddings, then August, followed by September and October, but what about December, January and February months?

If you want to stand out by not having “just another summer wedding” then getting married during the winter months can be the perfect time to celebrate your special day. Vatican Banquet Hall has provided several benefits of a winter wedding that is sure to make everyone involved happy. 

More choices of venues and vendors

It can be a challenge to find a venue and vendors who are all available on the same day. Unlike the Spring and Summer wedding months when most couples are rushing to get married, hard-to-get banquet halls and wedding vendors during the winter months are likely to have more availability.

Flowers last longer in cold weather

Your beautiful floral arrangement that you will probably spend a significant portion of your wedding budget on will maintain their form longer due to the cold weather.  You can also create unique winter floral centerpieces that has not been over-done all summer long. Some gorgeous winter flowers are roses, tulips, star of bethlehem and phalaenopsis orchids.

The bridal party will not sweat it out

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sweating in a suit or dress, especially when you are the bride and the groom. As part of the bridal party, you will be taking photos throughout the day and need to maintain your composure and look fabulous on your special day. Therefore getting married in the cooler months will help you and all your guests feel more comfortable (and sweat-free). Your bridal party will thank you for it as well.

Sunny Southern California

Southern California is spoiled with more temperate weather. Celebrating your special day in Los Angeles, such as at Vatican Banquet Hall means that worst case scenario, it might rain a little on your wedding day. But certainly, you and your guests will not get stuck in a snow blizzard since it hasn’t snowed in the City of Los Angeles for many decades.

It’s the perfect time for an Island Honeymoon

Honeymoon options are aplenty. By having a winter wedding, you can escape the cold by spending your honeymoon on a warm and sunny beach with your new spouse. Another bonus, every year following your wedding, you can celebrate your anniversary the same way – by flying to a tropical destination during the cold winter months. A few winter honeymoon getaways include; Maui, Turks and Caicos and St Lucia.

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