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14 Important Tips To Know Before Going Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s finally time for you to say yes to the dress! This is a very exciting time in the wedding planning process. Aside from finding your perfect wedding venue, this is one of the biggest decisions that you as a bride will make. But if you’ve never gone wedding dress shopping before, you might not know what to look for or how to navigate the process. It can be overwhelming with so many options and different people wanting to help, so we wanted to help young brides out with this quick guide on what to know.

 1. Make Sure To Ask About Alterations

wedding dress shopping

Every bridal boutique is different, but it’s important that you ask your salesperson about the cost of alterations, and if they’re included or not in the price.

Many boutiques will include alterations, but there are some that do charge extra. Make sure you find out about this, because alterations are one of the hidden expenses that cause couples to overspend their wedding budget.

2. Bring A Small Crew

There’s a good chance you might have several friends and/or family members wanting to come dress shopping with you. It’s great that they want to support you, but bringing too many people will just make things difficult. Everyone will have something different to say, causing you to inevitably stress out. It will also make it much more difficult to decide on a dress.

Instead, keep it small and only the closest people to you. Typically the bride-to-be will bring at least one bridesmaid, as it’s usually a part of the bridesmaid’s duties. Other than that, it’s likely going to be a friend, sisters, and/or your mom.

3. Make Sure You Research Online

It’s important for you to do some research online before actually buying your wedding dress. For example, if you fell in love with a specific dress in a store, check to see if it’s cheaper online.

It’s also important that you understand the various wedding dress styles so that you can see what options are available for you.

4. Start Early

start wedding dress shopping early

Going wedding dress shopping isn’t something you want to leave until the final few months before the big day. Getting an early start will allow you the most time to shop around and find the best deals for yourself.

It also allows proper time for you to schedule three fittings (usually about a month apart) with the bridal shop to ensure you have the best fit.

5. Book Appointments

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go in on a walk-in basis at every shop. It’s best to try and book an appointment for you and your crew a few weeks in advance at the various bridal shops you’re looking at.

Saturday afternoon might sound like an ideal time and it’s usually best for most involved, but those days are notoriously hectic at the shops. A weeknight might serve you better and be less frantic. You’ll get better attention from the clerks, and it won’t be nearly as crowded.

We suggest to only book appointments after you’ve done research online and know the exact styles that you’re looking for.

6. Be Open

While it’s important to know what style you want, it will also benefit you to be open to the suggestions of the salespeople at the bridal shops. They make these suggestions for a living, and have a good idea of what looks good on different figures.

You might think you don’t like a specific style, only to realize that it looks stunning on you after you give it a try. Always keep an open mind!

7. Get Glammed Up Beforehand

woman putting on makeup

The day of your wedding, you’re most likely going to be have your makeup and hair professionally done, up so why not do your best to mimic this for your wedding dress shopping trip? Doing so will It give you the best idea of how you’ll look on the actual day of your wedding.

Some brides-to-be even schedule their makeup and hair trial on the same day as their wedding dress shopping in order to get the most accurate idea.

8. Move Around In The Dress

It’s great that bridal shops have plenty of mirrors for you to see from every angle, but that’s not everything you’ll need to know before making your final decision.

Make sure you walk around with the dress on to get a feel for how you’re able to move in it. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or restricted. In fact, don’t just walk around. Wiggle, dance, pose, curtsy, bow, shake, rattle, and roll!

9. Bring The Proper Undergarments

You’re going to be wearing specific undergarments on your wedding day, so why not bring them with you?

When you’re going wedding dress shopping, make sure you bring the proper wedding dress undergarments to see how the dress fits and looks with those on. It might make a difference in how you feel about a certain dress.

10. Be Prepared With Questions

wedding dress shopping

While you’re out wedding dress shopping, you might forget some crucial questions. To counter that, make sure you’re prepared with a list of questions to ask the shop and salesperson.

Some examples include:

  • How do alteration costs work?
  • How many fittings should I have?
  • How long will it take to finish the alterations?
  • Is steaming the dress on the day of the wedding recommended?

11. Bring The Right Shoes

Remember that you’re going to be wearing special shoes on your wedding day. Don’t go wedding dress shopping without bringing these with with you! It’s important that you bring shoes that are the same height as ones you plan to wear on your big day.

Bridal shops may have heels on hand, but it’s possible they don’t have your size or the height you want. There’s no need to risk this. Bring your shoes!

12. Set A Budget

This might be the most important thing that you do. Make sure you set a budget for your dress so when you’re shopping you don’t try on a dress that is way more than you can spend.

When you’re setting your budget, also make sure you factor in costs such as alterations, taxes, and potential shipping costs.

13. Take Photos

wedding dress shopping

Depending on how many dresses you try on, it might be difficult to keep track of them all. Make sure you or one of your crew take plenty of photos of you in the dress, from a variety of angles.

This will help you keep track of the ones that you really liked, as well as to get a chance to look back when you finally want to make your decision.

14. Ask For A Bundle

If you’re looking to try and save a little money, ask your bridal shop if they offer a discount on bundles. Sometimes if you purchase your veil and accessories from the same shop, they give you a discount. This is a pretty common practice at bridal shops, so don’t worry about offending them by asking.

There you have it! Hopefully this wedding dress shopping guide helps you during your own process. The main thing is to find a dress that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and fits your budget. Good luck!


Party Planning & Tips Wedding Planning & Tips

What To Consider When Hosting A Wedding Shower

So you’ve decided to tie the knot—now it’s time to celebrate! A wedding shower (not to be confused with a bridal shower) and the engagement party are classy events, and an expected way to officially announce your wedding plans with friends and family members and, in our opinion, way more fun than a phone call!

To help make your upcoming wedding shower a memorable and fun success, Vatican Banquet Hall’s experienced event coordinators have organized several valuable tips and considerations for you and your fiancé to follow:

Who Hosts The Wedding Shower?

Though tradition dictates that the bride’s parents host the wedding shower or engagement party, today many couples are throwing the celebratory party themselves. Before you decide to host the big event (or ask a friend or family member to do it for you), however, it’s best to be aware of the financial implications, which can include venue rental costs, catering, bar fees, and entertainment fees. These can really add up, so if your budget doesn’t allow for a fancy celebration, you might consider hosting something a bit less formal instead.

What Exactly Is A Wedding Shower?

A wedding shower is a party where guests celebrate with the bride and groom-to-be and “shower” them with gifts. Traditionally, the groom sat this party out and only the bride participated in the female-only event; however, those “bridal showers” are becoming more and more rare in favor of a joint wedding shower where the groom is allowed to attend as well. Wedding showers tend to be a little more festive and formal than traditional bridal showers.

Where Should You Host Your Wedding Shower?

Several factors will influence where you should host your wedding shower, including the number of guests you’re inviting, the level of formality, the type of food you want to serve, and your budget. For an upscale, “all-inclusive” experience, fine dining restaurants, country clubs, and banquet halls provide a great atmosphere, a variety of food options, and in some cases, entertainment—while parks, bars, and backyards are better for more casual parties.

Vatican Banquet Hall Table Setting
Vatican Banquet Hall Is The Perfect Setting For An Upscale Party

Who Should You Invite?

For a long time, only immediate family members and friends were invited to the wedding shower—basically the same guests that the couple planned to invite to the wedding. This meant that couples needed to finalize their wedding guest list first, then whittle down the wedding list to a smaller, more manageable engagement party guest list before sending out invitations for the wedding shower. Nowadays, some couples still do this; however, many couples also take advantage of their engagement party to celebrate with people who won’t be invited to the wedding due to location or scheduling.

What Should You Wear?

The level of formality and venue will dictate the wardrobe for your wedding shower, of course, but Vatican Banquet Hall recommends erring on the classy side, regardless of your party’s setting. For large, formal celebrations, women should opt for an evening gown while men should wear a sleek, well-tailored suit. For casual outdoor parties, ladies should consider a classy sundress while men should stick to chinos and a well-pressed Oxford-style shirt.

For more great wedding-related tips, check out more of our wedding blog posts. Or, if you’re currently looking for a fantastic Los Angeles wedding venue that also staffs professional wedding planners, simply contact us today!

Wedding Planning & Tips

Best Wedding Gifts: Ideas For Every Couple

Let’s be honest: one of the most fun parts about getting married is running around registering for wedding gifts with your fiancé. It’s like getting a shopping spree with your best friend. Even if you don’t get everything on your registry, it’s still fun to register and think about all the new things you might get. But where do you start? What are the best wedding gifts?

Here are some of the most practical and popular wedding gifts for newlyweds who are just starting out on their own. Even if you’ve already been living together, some of these items are great to register for, since they’re indulgences that you may have been putting off. Take advantage of your guests who want to spoil you and ask for these great presents that every couple should have!

A Charcoal Grill

One of the best wedding gifts of all time is a classic kettle-style charcoal grill. The right brand will last for years and years, maybe even decades, and is the gift that keeps on giving, since it provides well-cooked food and assists in making great memories with friends and family.

A Tool/Drill Kit

A necessity for around-the-house repairs, a good tool/drill kit (like Black + Decker’s kit that includes 60 tools and accessories) comes in very handy and makes a great “starter kit” for newlyweds.

Best Wedding Ideas - Cookware SetGood Cookware

Every couple should receive a good cookware set at least once in their life, and a wedding is the perfect time. Having a variety of pot and pan sizes will make your life much easier. Make sure it’s from a reputable brand, like Rachael Ray’s 12-piece non-stick set.

Double Sleeping Bag

If you’re lovers of the outdoors, a well-made double sleeping bag is one of the best wedding gifts. Snuggle up with your honey in a fabulous double sleeping bag (like the Big Agnes Dream Island 15 Degree bag) and catch some sweet dreams together!

A Luxury Shower Head

This is just something that most couples won’t buy for themselves, but is such a luxury. You can register for a 2-in-1 shower head model that that will mist, massage, and “rain”. You’ll be happy you asked for it!

A Set Of Cooking Utensils

Similar to a good set of cookware, every couple needs a full set of cooking utensils. Think beyond just a spatula: register for a whole set, like OXO Good Grips’s 15-piece set. Make sure you get tongs, turners, mashers, a pizza cutter, a veggie peeler, a grater, a whisk, and spoons of every kind. Your meals will thank you!

Board Games

Every couple also needs a few classic board games. From Monopoly to Clue to Settlers of Catan, register for some of your favorites for both entertaining and quiet nights in with just the two of you.

A Slow Cooker

A classic on the best wedding gifts list. A slow cooker is great for hundreds of meals, and makes cooking very convenient—and delicious.

Best Wedding Gifts - Magic Bullet BlenderA Magic Bullet

Even if you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a “healthy couple”, a Magic Bullet is one of the best wedding gifts to get. You can blend your cares away and try all sorts of blended recipes!

A Good Set Of Containers

This may sound like a cheap present instead of one of the best wedding gifts, but trust us—they come in very handy, and your wedding is the perfect time to ask for a strong set of them. Just make sure to get a well-made set and nothing too flimsy.

Good Set Of Knives

Along the lines of the cookware set and the utensils, every kitchen needs a great knife set. Not only will it help with cooking; having the proper knives around can actually prevent accidents. If you’re trying to cut a carrot with a giant knife because you don’t have a small one, you could get hurt.

An Amazing Comforter

Your wedding is the time to get the best comforter of your life. This is the time for you ask someone to splurge on a nice one that will last for years. After all, it’s something you will use every single day!

Hopefully this list of the best wedding gifts gives you several ideas for where to start when registering! Also, if you’re still looking for your perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, take a minute to browse our photo gallery at Vatican banquet Hall. We provide a gorgeous space for wedding receptions of all sizes. Please contact us with any questions you have!

Party Planning & Tips Wedding Planning & Tips

9 Ideas To Make A Bridal Shower Unforgettable

Planning a bridal shower can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a wedding. Bridal showers are light, full of laughter, and always memorable. However, if you don’t want the same old “toilet paper wedding dress” routine, you can spice up the party with the ideas in this post. From activities to favors to the food, these nine things will guarantee a great time!

Mimosas Or Bellinis

A bridal shower must! Mimosas are the simplest and most popular shower cocktail, but if you’d like to try something more unique, go with the mimosa’s cousin, the bellini. Or have both! These are delicious drinks truly worthy of an amazing bridal shower.

A Piñata

They’re not just for kid’s parties anymore! A piñata will be an unexpected and delightful surprise to the bridal shower guests, and everyone can let loose and really have a ball breaking it open! Piñatas come in all shapes and sizes, so go with something that reflects the bridal theme: a wedding cake, hearts, an ampersand, a diamond ring, the couple’s initials—the possibilities are endless!

Apple Pie Pops For Bridal ShowerUnique Desserts

Consider the bride’s absolute favorite treats, and then find the best version of that treat available. Does she love donuts? Have a donut cake or donut bar! Is she really into pie? Try heart pies on a stick. Is she crazy about anything chocolate? Have chocolate pudding shooters! Her favorite things will give you a jumping point on what to serve.

A Countdown Sign

This added touch is mainly for photo ops, but it’s great for them! Your guests will love snapping shots in front of a pretty countdown sign with the bride-to-be.

A Unique Guestbook

If you want to bypass the predictable guestbook for signing, consider something decorative like a big log slice or Christmas ornaments, or something more practical like recipe cards where guests can also provide a recipe for the bride-to-be.

Don’t Open Gifts

Hear us out on this one! Although the point of the bridal shower is to “shower the bride with gifts”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to sit around for hours watching her open them. Many brides find this tradition to be awkward and time-consuming, when everyone could be mingling or playing games. This is a delicate situation, since people have put time, energy, and money into buying the bride a gift—but for many brides, it’s simply uncomfortable. If it’s more about a time constraint, the bride can still open gifts at the end of the party as opposed to the middle. That way, if guests want to take their leave, they can.

Give Good Prizes

If you’re planning to have games at the bridal shower, give away prizes that are actually great: restaurant certificates, luxury lotion, a manicure, and so on. The more the guests want the prizes, the more competitive and fun the games will be. Make sure to announce the prize before the games begin!

Make It A Costume Party

This suggestion isn’t for everyone—many brides will want a traditional bridal shower. However, some will embrace the fun of a “dress-up” shower. Themes that can be fun and still classy include Mad Men, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1920s flappers, Hollywood glamor, and favorite literary characters. The best way to decide if a costume party, besides considering the bride, is a good idea is to look over the guest list and see if more people would enjoy it than not.

Wrapped Up Bridal Shower Party FavorsSurprise Favors

Give your guests their own little gift to open! Send everyone off with something they’ll have to unwrap. Half the fun is the mystery anyway! The favors could be anything from cookies to lipstick, but they’ll have to wait to see. This also allows you to be creative with different kinds of pretty wrapping.

Hopefully these pointers give you some great ideas for the bridal shower you’re planning. And remember, if you’re looking for a great event venue for the bridal shower, check out Vatican Banquet Hall. We have hosted many amazing bridal showers, and the one you’re planning could be next. Feel free to have a look at our photo gallery or check our availability!

Catering Wedding Planning & Tips

A Quick Guide To Wedding Cake Etiquette

When it comes to the wedding cake, many couples don’t realize that there’s quite a bit to consider. For instance, do you have guests who can’t have gluten? Do you want a groom’s cake? Who cuts the cake when there’s no caterer? Below we will answer a few of your most pressing wedding cake questions.

Who Cuts And Serves The Cake?

After the couple cuts the cake (just a small slice from the bottom tier using a knife and not the cake server), the caterers at your wedding are responsible for cutting and serving the cake. Usually there’s a “cutting fee” for around $1.00 a slice, so be sure to ask about this if you’re concerned about including it in your catering budget. Some caterers take the cake away to the kitchen to put it on plates, and some stand at the cake table and cut and serve.

If you’re not having caterers, usually a family member does the cutting and serving. It’s important to appoint someone to do this before the reception so that the bride and groom don’t end up having to do it themselves, or the guests. If the guests have to serve themselves cake, it will quickly get butchered.

When During The Reception Is The Cake Cut?

The cake is usually cut directly after the meal is eaten. This is done for a couple reasons: one, the cake-cutting is the unspoken signal that it’s okay for the guests who are ready to go home to say their goodbyes and take their leave. Secondly, it’s good to cut the cake earlier rather than later in case you’ve only budgeted a certain amount of time for your wedding photographer to be at the reception. This ensures that the photographer gets the shots of the cake cutting.

Should We Have A Groom’s Cake?

If you’d like! Many brides like to surprise their grooms with a groom’s cake, and what usually happens with it is, after everyone has seen and admired it, the caterer slices it up, boxes the slices, and gives them to guests to take home as wedding favors. However, many couples simply serve the groom’s cake alongside the wedding cake nowadays, since often it’s a different flavor and therefore a different option for guests to enjoy. It’s up to you as a couple whether you want to send the groom’s cake off as favors or simply serve it during the reception.

A groom’s cake these days is made of his favorite flavors, and typically is decorated in the shape of his hobbies or interests. However, it doesn’t have to be decorated elaborately.

Should We Have A Gluten-Free Wedding Cake Option?

With so many gluten intolerant individuals these days, many couples are concerned about their gluten-free guests who may not be able to enjoy the cake with everyone else. For this situation, there are a few options.

You can simply have a gluten-free wedding cake. Gluten-free desserts have come a long way, and many people actually can’t tell the difference. If this option interests you, see if your catering company (or whoever is making your cake) can provide a sample for you to check out.

Another option is for couples to provide a much smaller, gluten-free cake for their gluten-free guests. If this seems to be too much, ask your caterer or baker if they can provide a dozen or so gluten-free cupcakes.

What About Saving A Piece For Our Anniversary?

Lots of couples still do this, and there is a science to it. Any professional catering company will know what to do, but sometimes there are no caterers. Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake is removed and frozen for the couple. The best way to do this is to freeze the top tier by itself for a few hours, and then wrap it up. The tier should be frozen, then wrapped in wax paper, then wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in an air-tight bag, and then placed inside a box.

Some couples choose to put in an order for a smaller version of their exact wedding cake when they order the first one, and they schedule it for pick-up on their one-year wedding anniversary.

wedding-pie-with-topperDo We Have To Have A Cake At All?

No, you don’t. While you may get some scolding from family members, remember that it’s your day, your wedding, and your choices. If you as a couple really don’t see the need for a wedding cake, don’t get one. Choose to serve a dessert that you both love, or no dessert at all if you don’t want to.

At Vatican Banquet Hall, the cake cutting is one of our favorite parts of the receptions we host at our incredible Los Angeles banquet hall. If you’re looking for a wedding venue for your reception, have a look at our photo gallery, or feel free to ask about our availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wedding Planning & Tips

How To Get The Perfect Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding


Plenty of couples these days decide to offer their guests a signature wedding cocktail. This is yet another element to the special day that can be customized (along with the napkins, cake, hashtags, you name it). Plus, by having a signature cocktail for your wedding, a couple can offer their guests a little something more interesting than the run-of-the-mill wine and beer—and they can always have their own personal cocktail on special occasions, such as anniversaries.

But where do you begin when choosing a signature cocktail? What exactly goes into it? Here are the things you’ll need to get started.

Personalize It

So what makes a cocktail “signature”? Some couples choose a recipe using their favorite spirit. Others choose a drink that matches their wedding colors. Or it can be the drink you had together on your first date. Above all, the signature cocktail for your wedding should be a drink you both actually enjoy the taste and look of. It should be a drink that you’re excited to share with your guests, and one that you’ll be eager to have on your anniversary for years to come.

Embrace The Season

If you’re not quite sure where to begin with your signature wedding cocktail, think about the season in which your wedding is taking place. Springtime cocktails can include delicious fresh fruit, herbs, and bright colors. For summer, think sangrias, tangerinis, and appletinis. Autumn drinks can have hints of apple or pear, or perhaps be a type of cider. For winter weddings, think about sweet or peppermint drinks, or warm spiked ciders with cinnamon sticks.

Designs And Colors

Imagine a roomful of your guests walking around with matching Blushing Ingénue cocktails, salt air margaritas, or cotton candy champagnes. Having a unique-looking signature cocktail for your wedding will almost “brand” your wedding reception. This is why it’s fun for a lot of couples to get creative with signature drink garnishes, colors, cup types, and designs.

Have Fun With The Name

One of the best parts about having a signature wedding cocktail is getting to name it. This allows the drink to truly feel like it’s yours, and it allows a little creativity. However, if you get stuck and can’t come up with a name for your drink, here are some helpful tips:

  • Name it after your new last name. The Mendoza Margarita. The Adams Appletini. The Babyan Bloody Mary. You get the point!
  • Name it after the location. This goes especially if you’re having a destination wedding or getting married in your hometown. Incorporating the city or town is a very personalized idea.
  • Name it after your interests. This is more for His & Her signature drinks, but you can incorporate your hobbies or career into your drink. For example, if the bride is a writer, the drink can be called The Write One. If the groom is a photographer, his can be called Oh Snap!
  • Name it after your wedding theme. If the wedding colors are pink, the signature drink can be called anything from Tickled Pink to Blushing Bride to Rosy Future (as long as the color of the drink is actually pink). If you’re having a beachside wedding, try something like Mai Tai the Knot.

Details To Remember

While the signature cocktail for your wedding should be completely up to you (it’s your wedding day, after all), it’s important to keep certain things in mind. For example, if you’re having a December wedding, margaritas may feel a little out of place. If your cocktail requires berries, are they in season in the town where you are? Do you want to provide a “mocktail” version of your signature drink, and if so, will it taste right without alcohol?

Go Local

Wherever you’re getting married, chances are there are local breweries, wine distilleries, or cocktail bars with signature drinks. This may be a great way to get inspiration, or you can simply select your favorite from one of these places! They might even whip up something special just for your wedding—you never know!

Consider His & Hers

Sometimes couples decide to have two signature cocktails instead of a joint wedding cocktail. The bride chooses one and the groom chooses one. This is called “His & Her” cocktails, and it gives wedding guests the option of either one. (Or hey, both!) If you choose to do His & Her cocktails, try to go with colors that compliment each other.

More on creating a signature cocktail for your wedding:

At Vatican Banquet Hall, we’ve seen some pretty amazing signature wedding cocktails. If you’re thinking about your signature cocktail because you’re planning your wedding, be sure to check out our incredible Los Angeles wedding venue for your wedding! We provide a gorgeous atmosphere, outstanding catering options, and the absolute best in customer service. We can even help with the wedding plans. Check out our photo gallery, and be sure to ask us about availability and pricing!

Wedding Planning & Tips

Wedding Planning 101: Navigating Your Guest List


When it comes to wedding planning, the guest list can be one of the most stressful parts. You don’t want to offend anyone, but some couples have a limited budget and/or space, and not everyone can be asked to attend. What’s the best way to navigate this? Check out our etiquette tips below.


You see them every day. You spend hours with them. You talk with them all the time. They know you’re getting married. The question is, do you invite them to your wedding? For some people, this is easy. Maybe you already hang out together outside of work hours, and you’re close. But what if you haven’t? This is an area where you’ll know if it’s a good decision to invite them or not. Go with your gut. The only thing to consider is that if you invite just one or a few co-workers but not everyone, some may feel left out. Think about their personalities and if you think this would offend anyone—and go from there. If you work in a large department, this may present problems for your budget, so sometimes it’s best to skip inviting anyone from work.

Your Boss

This can be tough. Do you invite your boss and allow them an inside look at your personal life? Will it reflect poorly on you if you don’t invite them? Maybe your boss already knows you so well that you’ll be completely comfortable asking them to attend. It’s an area where wedding planning will help answer the question, because your location may determine the answer. For example, if you’re having a destination wedding, your boss most likely won’t come (unless you’re very close outside of work).

Childhood Friends

Maybe you grew up together, but are you still close? Childhood friends can be tricky when it comes to invitations because they know you well, and you feel like they would care—but it may have been years since you’ve spoken. Does this make it awkward to invite them to your wedding? Here’s a good way to decide: think about having coffee with them right now. Does that scenario seem forced or strange? If yes, that’s a pretty clear sign that too much time has passed, and you probably shouldn’t invite them. But if a hangout seems natural and fun, you should send them an invite.

Distant Relatives

Obviously, most couples invite their immediate and extended family members, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. But what about great-aunts and great-uncles, second cousins and the like? This one is more personal, and you must go with your instinct. Or, if you feel too unsure, ask a parent or someone who may know better. Every family is different. Some couples choose to send wedding invitations to certain relatives, even though they know they won’t attend—going with the “it’s the thought that counts” route. Others play it safe and just invite everyone. Others choose those who are absolutely closest to them. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure you think carefully about it.

Plus Ones

This is a delicate area that every couple faces. Plus ones can have a huge effect on your wedding planning. If you allow all of your guests a plus one, it can truly increase the cost. But we all know that people like to bring someone with them to a wedding. However, that creates a lot of extra people to feed and make room for—plus, do you really want random strangers at your wedding? What’s a couple planning a wedding to do? Many of them decide to not allow a plus one unless they either: a) know the plus one well, or b) the plus one is engaged to the guest (or at least in a very serious relationship with them). This usually ensures that there are no “unnecessary” guests in attendance. The exception to this is usually your wedding party. As such a big part of the day, it’s good to allow them to bring a date to enjoy at the reception.


Many couples decide to have adults-only weddings. This is typically done to make sure there are no babies crying during the ceremony, or wild six-year-olds tearing around the reception. While this decision isn’t always popular, it is your decision to make. If there are kids you can’t imagine not seeing on your wedding day, great! Go for it. But if the guarantee that no kids will be loud during your vows is important to you, include on the wedding invitation that your special day is for adults only.

You Were Invited To Theirs

An iffy area, but you can figure it out. If a friend invited you to their wedding and it was fairly recent—within the last three years—you should probably invite them to yours, unless you’re simply not close at all anymore. The other exception is if your wedding happens to be a lot smaller than theirs was. If they invited 400 guests and you’re only inviting 50—and you’re not all that close—you can probably leave them off of the guest list.

Guests For Your Parents

Traditionally, the bride and groom get to create half the guest list, and each set of parents get a quarter. However, many find this rule to be old-fashioned, and some parents don’t care to invite anyone, even if they’re helping pay for things. Each set of parents is different. For some, it may be important for them to be allowed to ask business colleagues to attend their daughter’s wedding. Others may want to invite guests simply to avoid offense. Whatever the reasons may be, this is another delicate area. If you and your fiancé don’t want to give each set of parents an entire quarter of the list, perhaps give them another set amount, or none at all. It’s a personal choice that must be made between the couple.

How To Make An “A” And “B” Guest List:

Good luck with this area of your wedding planning. Many couples find it to be fun! And if you’re currently in the middle of planning your wedding and you’re looking for an amazing wedding venue in Los Angeles, check out Vatican Banquet Hall. Our magical venue is perfect for weddings of any size, and we also help with every aspect of the wedding planning, if you need it. Check out our photo gallery, and feel free to inquire about pricing and availability. We’re excited to hear from you!

Wedding Planning & Tips

5 Reasons To Have A Small And Intimate Wedding

5 Reasons To Have A Small & Intimate Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged to your spouse and finally on your way to spending the rest of your days with the love of your life. Your first step in the wedding planning process should be to decide what kind of wedding you’d like to have, and while there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your big day you might want to consider having a small and intimate wedding.

The wedding experts at Vatican Banquet Hall know that big weddings have been the norm for years, but bucking the trend can actually provide a great experience. Don’t believe us? Well, our team’s running through some of the reasons you should have a small and intimate wedding.

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1. Small Weddings Mean Small Budgets

Wedding budgets balloon as your guest list grows, and one of the easiest ways to save money is to have a small wedding. Remember, most weddings are budgeted by cost-per-guest, and a small wedding will ensure you get the most out of your budget without overspending. If cost is your top concern, you should definitely consider having a small, intimate wedding.

2. Hold Your Wedding Wherever You Want

Massive weddings can have trouble finding a proper venue for both the ceremony and reception. But when you have an intimate wedding, you’ll be able to book almost any venue of your choice.

With fewer guests, you have more flexibility when it comes to your choice of venue. You can host your reception at a restaurant, banquet hall, or anywhere else, because you won’t have to worry about shoving a ton of people into one location.

3. More Time To Interact With Your Guests

Big weddings are a lot of fun, but when you’re the guest of honor they can be pretty exhausting. You’ll be expected to make the rounds and chat with all your wedding guests, and when there are tons of guests you can easily get overwhelmed.

Thankfully, an intimate wedding will provide ample time for you to have genuine interactions with  your guests. You won’t have to just pass by everyone and say your hellos, you’ll actually be able to have a conversation with each guest at your wedding, making more memories along the way.

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4. Make The Wedding Planning Process Easy

When you have a big wedding, it’s difficult to find wedding vendors that can meet your needs. Catering services can be overwhelmed by your guest list and reception venues can’t fit all your guests, putting you in a bind as your big day inches closer. But planning a small, intimate wedding can be pretty easy.

While planning a small wedding, you won’t be barraged by so many special requests from guests or compromises you’ll have to make with vendors. You’ll be able to get exactly what you want for a price that won’t bust your budget.

5. Intimate Memories For You & Your Spouse

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, encapsulating the love of you and your spouse for one incredible day. If you want to make the most of those memories, you’ll have an intimate wedding reception. A small, intimate wedding will provide a calm atmosphere for your celebration, providing ample time to engage with all your friends, family, and loved ones in attendance.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to consider Vatican Banquet Hall. Our event venue is perfect for weddings of any size, with beautiful accommodations and amenities that can meet just about any budget. For more information on booking and availability, contact Vatican Banquet Hall today.

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Your Guide: Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your Guide: Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You’re engaged to the love of your life and gearing up for the perfect wedding celebration. Your wedding is bound to be a memorable day, and one of the best ways to keep those memories alive for years to come is with some expert wedding photography.

You’ll want to capture all the big and little moments of your wedding, and nobody will do that better than a professional photographer. But how do you go about picking the right pro? Well, the team at Vatican Banquet Hall is here to to help with a useful guide of questions to ask your wedding photographer.

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Are You The Photographer Who Will Shoot My Wedding?

It’s easy to assume that the person you’re talking to is the person that will shoot your wedding photos. But remember, many wedding photography companies employ numerous professionals they send to various events based on availability. You’ll definitely want to meet with the photographer who will be at your wedding before the event, and it’s worth confirming who exactly you’re dealing with during initial conversations.

What Types Of Photos Do You Take?

Photography is a form of art all its own, with different artists employing different techniques to capture their unique imagery. When you meet with a potential wedding photographer, be sure to to get a sense of what their specialties are. If you want formal photos, you probably shouldn’t hire a pro who specializes in candid shots, and vice versa. Getting a sense of your photographer’s style will ensure you get great wedding photos.

Do You Have A Wedding Photography Portfolio?

How can you judge a photographer without checking out their work? Checking out your possible wedding photographer’s portfolio will give you a great sense of their style, and inspire some ideas for your own wedding photoshoot. And if you see a portfolio filled with bad pics, then you’ll know you need to find another photographer.

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What Photography Packages Can I Get?

Most wedding photographers don’t just show up and take as many photos as they can. Instead, they offer special packages including different types of photos and varying numbers of shots. You want to get the most value you can with your wedding pictures, so it’s worth taking the time to negotiate the proper wedding photo package before deciding on a photographer.

Do You Have Any References?

Any working professional needs to provide references before landing their next job, and that idea holds true for photographers too. Be sure to ask your potential wedding photographer for references from previous clients. If they have glowing references, you know you’ve found a great professional. And if they have bad references, then you’ll be able to dodge a bullet and find someone better.

What Info Do You Need Before My Wedding?

Most of your photographer interviews will center on what they can provide for you. But remember, once you’ve decided on a photographer you need to give them some details. Be sure to check-in with your wedding photographer before your event to ensure they know where they need to be, when they need to be there, and have any other pertinent info they might need.

Finding the right wedding photographer can be tough, but if you go into the process with a level-head and a strong sense of what you’re looking for, you’ll end up with marvelous wedding pictures. And if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, you’ll want to consider Vatican Banquet Hall. Our event venue offers exceptional accommodations and beautiful decor perfect for wedding receptions, photoshoots, anniversaries and so much more. Contact Vatican Banquet Hall today for more information on booking and availability.

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How To Determine The Perfect Wedding Budget

How To Determine The Perfect Wedding Budget

It’s no secret that most weddings, even budget-friendly affairs, cost a lot of money. And when you’re gearing up for some significant spending, it’s important to keep things in perspective and plan for what’s to come. That’s why every successful wedding starts with determining a wedding budget. But deciding your budget is easier said than done.

There are tons of factors that impact your wedding budget, and you’ll have to take them all into account in order to determine how much you can and should spend on this momentous occasion. Thankfully, the experts at Vatican Banquet Hall are here to help with a useful guide on how to determine the perfect wedding budget. Read on for some useful tips and advice to assist you in budgeting your wedding.

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What Kind Of Wedding Do You Want To Have?

Before you can even start to think about your budget, you need to think about what kind of wedding and reception you’d like to have. Do you want a small catered event at a local restaurant? A huge celebration at a venue hall? Will you be getting married at a church or religious institution, then going elsewhere for your reception? Take the time to sit with your spouse and get a general sense of what kind of event you’d like to host before deciding the details and building your budget.

Do Some Research

Once you’ve decide what kind of wedding you’d like to have, it’s important to do some research to see how much the necessary elements might cost. It’s important to research elements such as the cost of different venues, wedding catering, event photography, as well as the price of an average bride’s dress and groom’s tuxedo.

You’d be surprised at the cost of some of these items, and it’s best to get a general sense of what you could spend before allocating parts of your budget to individuals expenditures.

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What Are Your Wedding Budget Priorities?

As you sit down to plan your budget, it’s important to determine wedding priorities between you and your spouse. Your priorities are the things you absolutely can’t live without, the aspects of the wedding you’ve dreamt of for years. Whether that’s a beautiful event venue or a delicious wedding cake, your priorities should take precedent over other elements of the event.

That doesn’t mean you need to spend more money on them (though you can!), but determining your priorities early will create a mutual understanding between you and your spouse-to-be. You’ll both know what’s most important should you have to make adjustments to your budget along the way.

Be Realistic & Be Flexible

The cost of a wedding can be pretty surprising, especially if you’ve never planned one before. As you determine your budget and plan the event, it’s important to remain realistic and flexible.

Let’s say you find the event venue of your dreams, but it far exceeds the amount you’ve allotted for venue rental in your budget. It isn’t the best idea to blow your budget on the venue, because other elements like catering or wedding entertainment could suffer. On the flipside, if one of your priorities ends up being more expensive than anticipated, it might be worth spending the extra money. It’s important to be realistic with your spending, but you can make always move around money and alter your budget to fit the wedding of your dreams.

Hold Yourself Accountable For Spending

There’s nothing wrong with having a flexible wedding budget. You’ll likely find different costs for wedding necessities, and making changes to your spending is necessary. However, it’s important to hold yourself accountable for all your spending. Be sure to create a document or spreadsheet mapping out your proposed wedding budget and all your spending along the way. You’ll thank yourself for having a useful record of your wedding expenses, especially as you begin dealing with multiple wedding vendors. Knowing how much you’re spending on your wedding will also help you when it comes time to plan a basic budget for you and your spouse’s new household.

Planning a wedding and determining your budget can be pretty tough, but with some careful planning and a realistic, flexible approach you’ll decide a wedding budget perfect for your event. And if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, consider Vatican Banquet Hall. Our event venue offers beautiful decor and excellent accommodations that can fit any budget, making the wedding of your dreams a reality. For more information on booking and availability, contact Vatican Banquet Hall today.

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5 Engagement Party Ideas Guaranteed To Impress

5 Engagement Party Ideas Guaranteed To Succeed

Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged, and are on your way to spending the rest of your years with the love of your life. But how do you let the special people in your life in on the excitement? Well, you could announce your wedding on social media, or send out wedding invitations way far in advance, but we at Vatican Banquet Hall think that nothing announces a wedding better than an engagement party.

A great engagement celebration gets people excited about your upcoming wedding, announcing to the world that you and your partner are ready to take the next big step in your relationship. But what should you do for your engagement party? You don’t want it to be exactly like your wedding reception. You want to get guests excited for your wedding while also providing them with a unique and fun experience. To help you get inspired, we’re running through some engagement party ideas guaranteed to impress your guests.

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1. Signature Engagement Party Cocktails

Crafting some signature party cocktails will definitely help get guests excited about your engagement and upcoming wedding. Consider creating some unique drinks based on your favorite flavors, or get inspired by putting twists on some classics. Special cocktails will have guests guessing what they’ll be offered during your wedding while also celebrating your engagement with style.

2. Make Some DIY Decorations

DIY party decorations have been a huge trend in recent years, helping you save some money while also crafting stylish decor. While you can create your decorations yourself before the party, it’s even more fun to craft some decorations during your party. We recommend checking out some DIY engagement party guides online to help you get inspired.

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3. An All-Ages Engagement Party

Many engagement parties are adults-only affairs. But remember, you’re probably going to invite some families to your weddings, with at least a few youngsters in attendance. If your family is filled with kids, or you have a lot of friends with kids, then consider having an all-ages engagement party. Your wedding represents the joining of two families, and bringing the kids in on the excitement during your engagement party will certainly help kick things off with plenty of fun!

4. Brunch-time Engagement Party

Most wedding ceremonies take place in the afternoon, with the wedding reception extending long into the night. So, why not try something different with your engagement party? We suggest trying a weekend brunch-time engagement party, bringing your guests some weekend morning fun. Everyone loves brunch, and your guests will definitely enjoy a catered brunch to celebrate your union. This is a fun twist on the traditional catered engagement party, giving your guests something different to enjoy.

5. Wine Tasting Engagement Party

If you’re hoping to have an intimate wedding, you should also have an intimate engagement party. A great low-key option is to have a wine tasting engagement party. Consider booking some time at a local winery or booking an event venue and wine expert to help you organize a great wine tasting. Your guests will definitely be impressed by a classy wine tasting party, and you’ll be able to celebrate with the intimate flair you’re looking for.

Your engagement party is the first time you and your partner will face the world as future spouses. It’s a big, exciting event, and with some creative planning you’ll be able to host a great event that invites guests to celebrate your love. If you’re looking for a great engagement party or wedding event venue in Los Angeles, consider Vatican Banquet Hall. Our event venue is perfect for all types of social events, from engagement celebrations to anniversary parties and so much more. And with a wide array of accommodations and amenities, we can service parties of various budgets. For more information on booking and availability, contact Vatican Banquet Hall today.

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Here Comes The Bride! 5 Wedding Trends To Watch In 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 is officially here, and with a new year comes a host of new wedding trends.

You’ll definitely want to keep up with what’s hot if you’re planning a wedding in 2017, and luckily Vatican Banquet Hall is here to help. Our venue specializes in elegant wedding events, and to help you plan yours we’ve compiled some 2017 wedding trends you’ll definitely want to watch.

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1) Bring On The Colors

All-white weddings have been trending pretty big in recent years, with white decor and fashions setting an elegant mood for the event. But if 2016 was any indication, then 2017 will be a year filled with color. As wedding planning expert Nahid Farhoud has noted, “Color is making a comeback, versus all-white weddings. We’re seeing less floral and more props as well as hanging centerpieces and more lighting patterns in abundance.”

2) Virtual Wedding Planning

Wedding planning has traditionally involved tons of phone calls and visits to different venues. And while you should still do the research, more and more wedding planning can be done virtually. Today’s young couples like the ease of online planning, and we expect to see even more services go digital to cater to their clients.

3) Mixing Vintage & Modern Decor

Decor is a crucial element of any wedding, and we’re predicting a big trend in blending vintage style with modern flair. Couples want their weddings to have a timeless feel, but at the same time want their guests to have contemporary comforts. Using vintage decor with a modern flair is the perfect way to achieve that goal.

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4) Local Specialties At The Reception

Your guests will want to have some seriously delicious food at your wedding reception, and we’re confident that local delicacies will be a major trend in 2017. This one’s related to the recent trend of “farm-to-table” dining we’ve seen in recent years, shining a spotlight on fresh ingredients and traditional dishes. Your guests are guaranteed to love a fresh local dish at your wedding.

5) Hit The Photo Booth!

One of the biggest trends in wedding fun has come in the form of photo booths. Yes, you heard that right — people are getting photo booths for their weddings, and they’re pretty popular. Modern photo booths allow guests to get digital photos sent to them via email and can even send animated GIFs to your guests. Photo booths get your guests to come together and capture memories at your wedding, serving as a great supplement to more traditional wedding photos.

There’s no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, but keeping some of the most popular wedding trends in mind will help you craft an incredible, memorable experience. And if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, consider Vatican Banquet Hall. Our accommodations are both elegant and affordable, providing world-class amenities that can fit any budget. Contact Vatican Banquet Hall today for more information.

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7 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Colors

Color is a big part of what makes something attractive to the eye, and a color palette is a crucial component of your wedding. The color combination you choose can transform the overall feel of your wedding. It can make a wedding feel more casual or more formal. It can look trendy (like you borrowed it from Pinterest), and it can also be truly unique and evocative of your personality. The colors you choose for your wedding are important, and will make a big impact.

Because of this, it’s important that you don’t make your color decisions too hastily. The color palette for your wedding can make or break the tone you’re going for. Take some notes from past brides and avoid their top color-choosing mistakes.

The Myth Behind The Set Color Palette

You should have a general idea of the colors you want to see at your wedding, or else it may look all over the place. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a set palette without any room for creativity. If you don’t yet have an idea of a range of colors and hues you want to incorporate at your wedding, first think of the overall style you want. Is it modern and clean-lined? Is it bohemian and whimsical? You will have a much easier time nailing some primary colors you want to incorporate if you first have a good understanding of the style.

Choosing Trendy Colors

Brides are flooded everyday with tons of inspiration from social media. And while there may be a ton of gorgeous colors and décor ideas you love, don’t choose the colors for your wedding based on what’s in right now. Instead, go with something that you truly love and that fits with your unique personality. If you love soft, romantic pinks and creams, but the colors on-trend are bold, jewel tones, don’t think you have to include those. If you go with a style that you love, it will shine through and you will create a much more beautiful atmosphere than something that seems forced.

Not Selecting Any Neutral Or Natural Tones

You may love color, but not choosing any neutral tones or colors found in nature can make your color palette feel more “birthday-party” than wedding. Incorporate some natural hues so that your flowers and other natural décor elements can complement each other. If you want bright, bold décor like table cloths and throw pillows on chairs, pair it with more subdued flowers in whites and creams.

Overwhelming The Color Palette

For your own sake, and for the overall appearance of your wedding, keep it simple and don’t choose ten different colors. It will make your wedding feel disjointed and it will be confusing as to what style and feel you are going for. You may think your wedding is bohemian, but your guests may have no idea. Narrow down your options to about three colors, with one shade of metallic if appropriate to create a cohesive look. You can anchor a bold color scheme with a base of neutrals in whites, grays, and beiges, or use only neutrals for a more low-key color scheme.

Playing It Safe

Remember when we said choose colors that you love? Well, this applies again. If you’re a bold bride with a personality that fills the room, showcase it! Don’t play it safe with your color choices by looking only through bridal magazines for inspiration. But playing it safe doesn’t necessarily mean choosing bright colors. It can also mean choosing a color combination not normally seen at many weddings. An example of this might be soft pink and peach. Or sage and lavender. These combinations don’t seem crazy, but they are unique.

Forgetting About White

Whether you’re choosing to wear white or not on your wedding day, don’t forget about adding in this classic neutral for the other parts. White can be nudged in many different directions, from vintage and romantic, to modern and simple. Either way, it is very classic and anything but boring.

Not Looking At Your Venue’s Colors

If your reception is indoors in a ballroom or banquet hall, you shouldn’t forget to consider the venue’s colors. You may fall in love with a certain color combination, but realize that it will clash with the venue’s rich red carpet. Rather than trying to hide any undesirable colors of the venue, because it will probably be noticeable, create a color palette that complements them.

As a bride-to-be, you understand how crucial nailing down your colors is. Take our advice and avoid these top color-choosing mistakes. You’ll end up with a wedding that you not only love but that feels very you and complements every element perfectly.

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10 Last-Minute Wedding Details

The last few weeks before your wedding are filled with the little details that can mean the difference between an event that runs smoothly and a day full of headaches. The bride that pays attention to the last minute details and makes sure that loose ends are tied up will have a relaxing and memorable day. Here are ten last minute details that you shouldn’t forget in your wedding plans.

wedding bouquet vatican banquet hall

Final Dress Fitting

This seems like a no-brainer detail, but making sure that you get that final dress fitting scheduled with plenty of time for any last alterations is a big deal. You should give at least a week for any final fixes. If you want to have your dress cleaned and pressed before your wedding, plan for that final fitting no less than two weeks out.

Pick Up Rings

This can be a great task to hand over to your groom. Make sure that you know the hours for your jeweler and don’t wait until the very last minute. Pick up your rings a couple of days before your wedding. That will give you time to look over your rings and make sure that all details are right, and that they fit correctly. This is also a great opportunity to have your engagement ring cleaned so that it sparkles beautifully for your wedding day photos.

Finalize Headcount with Caterer

A week or so before your wedding, get with your caterer to finalize the number of guests. This is also a good time to make sure that menus are set and that any special dietary needs for your guests can be accommodated.

Confirm Delivery Times

It would be really stressful to have a cake that doesn’t show up, or flowers that don’t arrive in time for photos. Take the time to confirm with vendors that are delivering food, flowers or other items for the day, the delivery time that you have scheduled with them. This is a simple task that will alleviate many wedding day headaches.

Finalize Ceremony and Vows

Sit down with your groom and make sure that you have all of the details for your ceremony worked out, and that your vows are complete. Once you are both happy with the ceremony and vows, meet with your officiant and make sure that they understand your plans and that there is nothing difficult or confusing about the ceremony.

Create Your Music Playlists

A few weeks before your wedding is a great time to figure out what songs you really want played at your wedding. Don’t forget songs for your first dance, dances with parents, and any fun songs that get your guests moving. Make sure that you coordinate with your DJ or band to make sure that they have the song list and let them know the order that you want the songs to be played.

Assign a Point Person

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is answer a ton of questions from venue staff, catering staff, florists and other vendors. Select a person that is close to you, and is detail oriented that can take your place on your wedding day, and deal with questions and help vendors with last minute details.

Confirm Backup Plans

This is especially important if you are planning an outdoor wedding or reception. Make sure that you have a backup plan just in case the weather is uncomfortable. Confirm these plans with your contact at the venue to ensure that there is an indoor or covered space you can utilize in the event that it rains, or is too hot for guests to sit without shade.

Arrange for Someone to Gather Cards and Gifts

At the end of your evening, the last thing you are going to want to think about is what to do with cards and gifts that your guests have brought. Find a friend or family member that is willing to gather up your cards and gifts and either hold on to them until after your honeymoon or deliver to your home.

Pack for your Honeymoon

This is probably one of the last things you want to do before your wedding, but take the time to pack at least a few days before your big day. With all of the other things you are thinking about, this will give you time to remember forgotten items, watch the weather and add or remove items from your suitcase. Packing ahead of time also makes your departure on your honeymoon a little more relaxing.

As you get closer to your wedding and are finalizing your plans, don’t forget the little details. Covering the little details before your wedding will help you enjoy your day with as little stress as possible. The professionals at Vatican Banquet Hall can help you through every little detail and make sure there is nothing left forgotten. Contact us today and see how we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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12 Wedding Planning Tips from The Pros

As a bride-to-be, you would probably die to know the top wedding planning secrets from wedding planning professionals. Well, we’ve got some of the top ones here for you so you can make savvy bridal decisions that your other engaged friends wish they knew!

Invitation Suits

Custom, embossed invitations are absolutely gorgeous and totally worth it for your wedding. But it isn’t a necessity to have each component of your invitation suite made with custom, hand lettering or to be embossed. Make the invitation stand out, and have all the other pieces like the reception card, RSVP card, and additional guest information flat-printed with an elegant typeface.

embossed wedding photo

Floral Décor

Flowers are the main component of wedding décor and should involve real blooms at all costs for the tables and bouquets. But that still doesn’t take away from their high price. Skip having flowers on the bar and along the aisle at the ceremony, because no one will even notice they are missing.

Personalized Touches

Splurge a little and have a custom logo designed and have it made into stamps that you use on envelopes, bar signs, menus, favors, and take-home bags to infuse yourself in nearly every components of your wedding.

Tending Bar

While your wedding is all about you, it is important to make sure guests are as comfortable and accommodated as possible. To ensure happy guests, you simply cannot have enough staff on hand at the bar. Wedding bars tend to always have a line in front of them, and you can minimize any waiting for your guests by hiring multiple bartenders to take orders and serve drinks.


If you want to give guests something they will truly want to take home with them, go with something sweet and edible like a box of adorable macarons.

macaron wedding favor

Cake Cutting

After you and your new spouse have made the first cut and had the first taste of your wedding cake, have your caterer take it away to the kitchen to carefully slice it and garnish it for guests. It may be traumatizing to witness an assistant or someone inexperienced hack away at your beautiful cake.

RSVP Cards

To help you stay organized, number each RSVP card on the back with a light pencil mark before you send them out to keep track of each guest, and anyone who forgets to RSVP or write their name. This will save you from having to make any phone calls later on.

Vow Keepsake

If you and your fiancé are writing your own vows, then you will be so grateful you went ahead and purchased a lovely vow book to write them in and keep them as a keepsake.

vow book

Reception Timing

If you’re not sure of how long to make your reception, add on another hour to be safe. Eleven always seems to come too soon and you and your guests will definitely want to keep partying.

Wedding Dress 101

If your wedding gown has a long train that bustles, be sure to practice bustling it with the person who will be in charge of the task on the day of, being your mom or maid of honor. At a fitting with the seamstress, ask her to show you how to bustle it step by step and record it on your phone.

Barefoot Bride

Going off of the last point, you may just want to ask your seamstress to make a second bustle that shortens the length of your dress even more in case you decide to kick off your heels at the reception.

Red Lips

You may be in love with the sultry smoky-eye-with-nude-lip look for your wedding, but you should know that a nude lip will wash you out in photos and make your lips disappear. And smoky eyes may make your eyes appear too sunk in. For better photos, go with a more natural smoky eye with browns and choose a rosy pink or red lipstick.

bride with red lips

This may be the first time you’re planning a wedding, but it isn’t for the pros. Take the advice from seasoned wedding experts and be prepared for every moment. For an amazing venue to make all your wedding dreams come true, check out the Vatican Banquet Hall.

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