9 Ideas To Make A Bridal Shower Unforgettable

Planning a bridal shower can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a wedding. Bridal showers are light, full of laughter, and always memorable. However, if you don’t want the same old “toilet paper wedding dress” routine, you can spice up the party with the ideas in this post. From activities to favors to the food, these nine things will guarantee a great time!

Mimosas Or Bellinis

A bridal shower must! Mimosas are the simplest and most popular shower cocktail, but if you’d like to try something more unique, go with the mimosa’s cousin, the bellini. Or have both! These are delicious drinks truly worthy of an amazing bridal shower.

A Piñata

They’re not just for kid’s parties anymore! A piñata will be an unexpected and delightful surprise to the bridal shower guests, and everyone can let loose and really have a ball breaking it open! Piñatas come in all shapes and sizes, so go with something that reflects the bridal theme: a wedding cake, hearts, an ampersand, a diamond ring, the couple’s initials—the possibilities are endless!

Apple Pie Pops For Bridal ShowerUnique Desserts

Consider the bride’s absolute favorite treats, and then find the best version of that treat available. Does she love donuts? Have a donut cake or donut bar! Is she really into pie? Try heart pies on a stick. Is she crazy about anything chocolate? Have chocolate pudding shooters! Her favorite things will give you a jumping point on what to serve.

A Countdown Sign

This added touch is mainly for photo ops, but it’s great for them! Your guests will love snapping shots in front of a pretty countdown sign with the bride-to-be.

A Unique Guestbook

If you want to bypass the predictable guestbook for signing, consider something decorative like a big log slice or Christmas ornaments, or something more practical like recipe cards where guests can also provide a recipe for the bride-to-be.

Don’t Open Gifts

Hear us out on this one! Although the point of the bridal shower is to “shower the bride with gifts”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to sit around for hours watching her open them. Many brides find this tradition to be awkward and time-consuming, when everyone could be mingling or playing games. This is a delicate situation, since people have put time, energy, and money into buying the bride a gift—but for many brides, it’s simply uncomfortable. If it’s more about a time constraint, the bride can still open gifts at the end of the party as opposed to the middle. That way, if guests want to take their leave, they can.

Give Good Prizes

If you’re planning to have games at the bridal shower, give away prizes that are actually great: restaurant certificates, luxury lotion, a manicure, and so on. The more the guests want the prizes, the more competitive and fun the games will be. Make sure to announce the prize before the games begin!

Make It A Costume Party

This suggestion isn’t for everyone—many brides will want a traditional bridal shower. However, some will embrace the fun of a “dress-up” shower. Themes that can be fun and still classy include Mad Men, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1920s flappers, Hollywood glamor, and favorite literary characters. The best way to decide if a costume party, besides considering the bride, is a good idea is to look over the guest list and see if more people would enjoy it than not.

Wrapped Up Bridal Shower Party FavorsSurprise Favors

Give your guests their own little gift to open! Send everyone off with something they’ll have to unwrap. Half the fun is the mystery anyway! The favors could be anything from cookies to lipstick, but they’ll have to wait to see. This also allows you to be creative with different kinds of pretty wrapping.

Hopefully these pointers give you some great ideas for the bridal shower you’re planning. And remember, if you’re looking for a great event venue for the bridal shower, check out Vatican Banquet Hall. We have hosted many amazing bridal showers, and the one you’re planning could be next. Feel free to have a look at our photo gallery or check our availability!

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