A Quick Guide To Wedding Cake Etiquette

When it comes to the wedding cake, many couples don’t realize that there’s quite a bit to consider. For instance, do you have guests who can’t have gluten? Do you want a groom’s cake? Who cuts the cake when there’s no caterer? Below we will answer a few of your most pressing wedding cake questions.

Who Cuts And Serves The Cake?

After the couple cuts the cake (just a small slice from the bottom tier using a knife and not the cake server), the caterers at your wedding are responsible for cutting and serving the cake. Usually there’s a “cutting fee” for around $1.00 a slice, so be sure to ask about this if you’re concerned about including it in your catering budget. Some caterers take the cake away to the kitchen to put it on plates, and some stand at the cake table and cut and serve.

If you’re not having caterers, usually a family member does the cutting and serving. It’s important to appoint someone to do this before the reception so that the bride and groom don’t end up having to do it themselves, or the guests. If the guests have to serve themselves cake, it will quickly get butchered.

When During The Reception Is The Cake Cut?

The cake is usually cut directly after the meal is eaten. This is done for a couple reasons: one, the cake-cutting is the unspoken signal that it’s okay for the guests who are ready to go home to say their goodbyes and take their leave. Secondly, it’s good to cut the cake earlier rather than later in case you’ve only budgeted a certain amount of time for your wedding photographer to be at the reception. This ensures that the photographer gets the shots of the cake cutting.

Should We Have A Groom’s Cake?

If you’d like! Many brides like to surprise their grooms with a groom’s cake, and what usually happens with it is, after everyone has seen and admired it, the caterer slices it up, boxes the slices, and gives them to guests to take home as wedding favors. However, many couples simply serve the groom’s cake alongside the wedding cake nowadays, since often it’s a different flavor and therefore a different option for guests to enjoy. It’s up to you as a couple whether you want to send the groom’s cake off as favors or simply serve it during the reception.

A groom’s cake these days is made of his favorite flavors, and typically is decorated in the shape of his hobbies or interests. However, it doesn’t have to be decorated elaborately.

Should We Have A Gluten-Free Wedding Cake Option?

With so many gluten intolerant individuals these days, many couples are concerned about their gluten-free guests who may not be able to enjoy the cake with everyone else. For this situation, there are a few options.

You can simply have a gluten-free wedding cake. Gluten-free desserts have come a long way, and many people actually can’t tell the difference. If this option interests you, see if your catering company (or whoever is making your cake) can provide a sample for you to check out.

Another option is for couples to provide a much smaller, gluten-free cake for their gluten-free guests. If this seems to be too much, ask your caterer or baker if they can provide a dozen or so gluten-free cupcakes.

What About Saving A Piece For Our Anniversary?

Lots of couples still do this, and there is a science to it. Any professional catering company will know what to do, but sometimes there are no caterers. Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake is removed and frozen for the couple. The best way to do this is to freeze the top tier by itself for a few hours, and then wrap it up. The tier should be frozen, then wrapped in wax paper, then wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in an air-tight bag, and then placed inside a box.

Some couples choose to put in an order for a smaller version of their exact wedding cake when they order the first one, and they schedule it for pick-up on their one-year wedding anniversary.

wedding-pie-with-topperDo We Have To Have A Cake At All?

No, you don’t. While you may get some scolding from family members, remember that it’s your day, your wedding, and your choices. If you as a couple really don’t see the need for a wedding cake, don’t get one. Choose to serve a dessert that you both love, or no dessert at all if you don’t want to.

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