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The Most Beautiful Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. There are so many lovely flowers in season to choose from, like the ever-popular peony, and it is the perfect representation of your new beginning with your sweetheart. If you’re getting married this spring, read on to discover the ten most gorgeous flower varieties that will be in season.

1.      Peony

This fluffy, romantic bloom is a favorite among brides everywhere, and they are perfect for bouquets and centerpieces alike. Peonies provide the perfect amount of softness and fluffy bulk for your flower arrangements. And the pastel hues are perfect for a variety of wedding palettes.

2.      Rose

The rose is a classic beauty that is perfect for a bouquet, centerpiece, boutonniere, and the aisle runner. Roses are also very versatile and are available in light pink, dark pink, red, white, and even lavender to match your wedding colors. And if you don’t like the idea of throwing rice, or your venue doesn’t allow it, rose petals are a perfect alternative.

3.      Sweet Pea

Sweet peas add interest and variation in texture and height to a bouquet. This flower variation displays a medium purple bloom that is climbing in nature, so it provides some nice foliage towards the bottom and sides of your bouquet. If you’ve always wanted a cascading bouquet, sweet peas are perfect for adding the flowing element that embodies this bouquet style.

4.      Lilac

Lilacs are incredibly romantic and give off the most intoxicating scent. Fill your ceremony or reception with lilacs and everyone will be under a spell. The soft purple hue works well with other pastel colors, as well as the more modern dove-gray.

5.      Ranunculus

This flower is like a cross between a peony and a rose. They are round with rose-like petals and add a certain pop when added to simple flower arrangements. The ranunculus is a perfect alternative flower if your budget doesn’t allow for tons of peonies and full roses.

6.      Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are like snowballs with petals. They make a statement whether by themselves or in a bouquet. They also make for wow-worthy centerpieces, and you can save money because you don’t need as many to fill a vase.

7.      Tulip

Tulips are the epitome of springtime blooms, and they provide a fresh look to both formal and informal weddings. Tulips have clean lines, making them appropriate for elegant restaurant venues, as well as a sleek element in a rustic bouquet.

8.      Succulent

These flower look-alikes provide the perfect alternative to traditional bouquets for edgy brides. They provide some fresh, green tones which are perfect for a spring wedding, and they can do double-duty as guest favors.

9.      Gerbera Daisy

For the bold bride, these colorful spring flowers are perfect for a more casual wedding, such as backyard or barn venues. Gerbera daisies are one of the friendliest flowers and will be sure to make everyone smile.

10.   Magnolia.

Magnolias are one of the most elegant spring flowers available. They are perfect for pairing with other blooms in a centerpiece, or, they make for the perfect single flower to carry down the aisle.

As you’re planning your spring wedding, consider incorporating some of these gorgeous blooms to all of your flower arrangements for pops of color, texture, and natural perfume. Tip: remember to plan the décor with your venue in mind and choose flowers accordingly for their color and shape.

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