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The Science Behind Planning a Great Vatican Event

While it may seem obvious that things like great entertainment and engaging contests can increase the success of your next wedding reception, birthday party, or corporate gala, did you know that there are scientific reasons why we think some events are amazing and some are duds?! To help you plan your next Vatican Banquet Hall get-together, our venue’s coordinator’s have researched why we respond positively to some stimuli and negatively to others, and how this knowledge can be used to reduce stress and create positive associations.

The Science Behind Planning an Event

Make Things Easy For Attendees

Scientifically, almost every human action is performed to fulfill one of two goals: to increase pleasure or to reduce stress. By including event amenities that reduce stress, such as a valet car service or an attentive service staff, event planners can actually lower the levels of cortisol and adrenaline (chemicals that make us feel anxious) in attendees’ bloodstreams, making them more likely to create and preserve positive memories of your event.

Set Goals For Your Guests

On the surface, this seems like it might actually create stress, sort of like your boss giving you a task and a deadline. On a biological level, however, human beings actually like having goals to strive for, and our brain releases a pleasure-inducing chemical called serotonin when we accomplish what we set out to do. At your next event, identify what you want your attendees to accomplish – be it networking, trying a new product, or contributing to your wedding reception video – then motivate them to accomplish their tasks with incentives.

Make Your Event Extraordinary

Everyone wants their shower, wedding reception, anniversary party, or company conference to be memorable, but few planners knows the reasons why “WOW” factors like live musicians, dancers, and interactive presentations are neurological gold. According to research, exposing guests to something extraordinary and unexpected activates the right side of the brain, which allows us comprehend visual imagery and helps attendees remember crucial details of the event. By giving guests something interesting to talk about, it also fosters a sense of community, which releases the pleasure-giving chemical dopamine into their bloodstreams.

Make Guests Feel Appreciated

Biologically, feeling valued contributes greatly to our sense of happiness and self-worth, and coordinators who capitalize on this emotion will enjoy more engagement and positive feedback in the days, weeks, and months following an event. To make attendees feel important, recognize the achievements of employees or help from family members, and always make your guests’ happiness your first priority.

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