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7 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Colors

Color is a big part of what makes something attractive to the eye, and a color palette is a crucial component of your wedding. The color combination you choose can transform the overall feel of your wedding. It can make a wedding feel more casual or more formal. It can look trendy (like you borrowed it from Pinterest), and it can also be truly unique and evocative of your personality. The colors you choose for your wedding are important, and will make a big impact.

Because of this, it’s important that you don’t make your color decisions too hastily. The color palette for your wedding can make or break the tone you’re going for. Take some notes from past brides and avoid their top color-choosing mistakes.

The Myth Behind The Set Color Palette

You should have a general idea of the colors you want to see at your wedding, or else it may look all over the place. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a set palette without any room for creativity. If you don’t yet have an idea of a range of colors and hues you want to incorporate at your wedding, first think of the overall style you want. Is it modern and clean-lined? Is it bohemian and whimsical? You will have a much easier time nailing some primary colors you want to incorporate if you first have a good understanding of the style.

Choosing Trendy Colors

Brides are flooded everyday with tons of inspiration from social media. And while there may be a ton of gorgeous colors and décor ideas you love, don’t choose the colors for your wedding based on what’s in right now. Instead, go with something that you truly love and that fits with your unique personality. If you love soft, romantic pinks and creams, but the colors on-trend are bold, jewel tones, don’t think you have to include those. If you go with a style that you love, it will shine through and you will create a much more beautiful atmosphere than something that seems forced.

Not Selecting Any Neutral Or Natural Tones

You may love color, but not choosing any neutral tones or colors found in nature can make your color palette feel more “birthday-party” than wedding. Incorporate some natural hues so that your flowers and other natural décor elements can complement each other. If you want bright, bold décor like table cloths and throw pillows on chairs, pair it with more subdued flowers in whites and creams.

Overwhelming The Color Palette

For your own sake, and for the overall appearance of your wedding, keep it simple and don’t choose ten different colors. It will make your wedding feel disjointed and it will be confusing as to what style and feel you are going for. You may think your wedding is bohemian, but your guests may have no idea. Narrow down your options to about three colors, with one shade of metallic if appropriate to create a cohesive look. You can anchor a bold color scheme with a base of neutrals in whites, grays, and beiges, or use only neutrals for a more low-key color scheme.

Playing It Safe

Remember when we said choose colors that you love? Well, this applies again. If you’re a bold bride with a personality that fills the room, showcase it! Don’t play it safe with your color choices by looking only through bridal magazines for inspiration. But playing it safe doesn’t necessarily mean choosing bright colors. It can also mean choosing a color combination not normally seen at many weddings. An example of this might be soft pink and peach. Or sage and lavender. These combinations don’t seem crazy, but they are unique.

Forgetting About White

Whether you’re choosing to wear white or not on your wedding day, don’t forget about adding in this classic neutral for the other parts. White can be nudged in many different directions, from vintage and romantic, to modern and simple. Either way, it is very classic and anything but boring.

Not Looking At Your Venue’s Colors

If your reception is indoors in a ballroom or banquet hall, you shouldn’t forget to consider the venue’s colors. You may fall in love with a certain color combination, but realize that it will clash with the venue’s rich red carpet. Rather than trying to hide any undesirable colors of the venue, because it will probably be noticeable, create a color palette that complements them.

As a bride-to-be, you understand how crucial nailing down your colors is. Take our advice and avoid these top color-choosing mistakes. You’ll end up with a wedding that you not only love but that feels very you and complements every element perfectly.

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