Here Comes The Bride! 5 Wedding Trends To Watch In 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 is officially here, and with a new year comes a host of new wedding trends.

You’ll definitely want to keep up with what’s hot if you’re planning a wedding in 2017, and luckily Vatican Banquet Hall is here to help. Our venue specializes in elegant wedding events, and to help you plan yours we’ve compiled some 2017 wedding trends you’ll definitely want to watch.

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1) Bring On The Colors

All-white weddings have been trending pretty big in recent years, with white decor and fashions setting an elegant mood for the event. But if 2016 was any indication, then 2017 will be a year filled with color. As wedding planning expert Nahid Farhoud has noted, “Color is making a comeback, versus all-white weddings. We’re seeing less floral and more props as well as hanging centerpieces and more lighting patterns in abundance.”

2) Virtual Wedding Planning

Wedding planning has traditionally involved tons of phone calls and visits to different venues. And while you should still do the research, more and more wedding planning can be done virtually. Today’s young couples like the ease of online planning, and we expect to see even more services go digital to cater to their clients.

3) Mixing Vintage & Modern Decor

Decor is a crucial element of any wedding, and we’re predicting a big trend in blending vintage style with modern flair. Couples want their weddings to have a timeless feel, but at the same time want their guests to have contemporary comforts. Using vintage decor with a modern flair is the perfect way to achieve that goal.

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4) Local Specialties At The Reception

Your guests will want to have some seriously delicious food at your wedding reception, and we’re confident that local delicacies will be a major trend in 2017. This one’s related to the recent trend of “farm-to-table” dining we’ve seen in recent years, shining a spotlight on fresh ingredients and traditional dishes. Your guests are guaranteed to love a fresh local dish at your wedding.

5) Hit The Photo Booth!

One of the biggest trends in wedding fun has come in the form of photo booths. Yes, you heard that right — people are getting photo booths for their weddings, and they’re pretty popular. Modern photo booths allow guests to get digital photos sent to them via email and can even send animated GIFs to your guests. Photo booths get your guests to come together and capture memories at your wedding, serving as a great supplement to more traditional wedding photos.

There’s no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, but keeping some of the most popular wedding trends in mind will help you craft an incredible, memorable experience. And if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, consider Vatican Banquet Hall. Our accommodations are both elegant and affordable, providing world-class amenities that can fit any budget. Contact Vatican Banquet Hall today for more information.

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