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Fun for Everyone: Planning An Interactive Wedding

As you are planning your wedding reception, it is good to think about how you will be entertaining your guests. The typical wedding has only one answer, guests will be entertained by dancing. But what about your guests that don’t enjoy dancing or the kids that might attend your wedding? How can you keep them interested so they don’t leave right after the cake cutting? Many brides today are finding other activities to entertain guests, and make their wedding reception a fun and memorable event for everyone.

Playful Games

What could be easier to entertain your guests than throwing in some fun games? It really can be this easy: put out fun games that will engage your guests, and get them mixing with each other. Games like Jenga, pick-up sticks, and checkers are great options because everyone knows how to play them, so it’s easy to get your guests to participate. If games seem too rowdy for your reception, a scavenger hunt might be more your style. Create cards with lists of fun items throughout your reception venue that your guests can search for. You don’t have to give a prize, but guests will be encouraged to get up out of their chairs and move around. If you are having a hard time with deciding what to give as party favors, consider giving little pocket games. They will be a fun alternative to the typical favor, and your guests can play a little, too.

wedding polaroid

Fun Photo Ops

If games aren’t your style, then perhaps something a little more traditional will do. Your guests will love seeing pictures of you and your new husband from throughout your lives and relationship. Put together a slideshow that will run during your reception. This is a popular option for many couples because it adds an extra personal touch, and helps guests get to know both the bride and groom.  If you like the idea of pictures, but want something more fun than a slideshow, hire a photo booth. Photo booths are a fun way to get your guests up and moving, and it also gives them a keepsake from your day. Some couples work with the photo booth company to get two copies of every picture. One copy goes to your guests, the other copy can be pasted in a scrapbook as a keepsake for you. While you are thinking about pictures, don’t forget about social media. With cell phone cameras sure to be everywhere, take advantage of your guest’s desire to take their own pictures and create a unique hashtag that your guests can use when posting on social media. This is an easy way to get a fun, free photo album with candid pictures that your photographer might not catch.

smores bar 1Unique Food

Food is a great way to add a little something fun to your reception. Instead of serving just cake, consider a DYI dessert bar. These can be fun for both the adults and kids attending your wedding. Fun ideas that your guest will surely enjoy include a sundae bar, a smores bar or a cupcake decorating station. If a DYI dessert bar seems too complicated or messy, a chocolate fountain is another great option. Make sure you have plenty of fruits, candy, marshmallows, and cookies–a little something for everyone.

Exciting Music

The last thing to remember when planning your reception is to never underestimate the importance of the DJ or the band. Good music can entice the most reluctant of dancers onto the floor. Take time to do your research on the bands or DJs you may be considering for your event. A good band or DJ will know what music will get your guests up and moving. Take the time to work with them to build a playlist that not only reflects your tastes but will be fun for your guests.

Weddings don’t have to be the standard food, cake, and dancing anymore.  Brides everywhere are stepping out and including fun activities for their guests. The internet is full of great ideas for how to include fun, entertaining activities to your party. Taking the time to plan something fun for your guests will make the day even more memorable for everyone.

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