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Questions Every Couple Should Ask Their Wedding Reception DJ

Anyone that’s ever been to a boring wedding reception knows this simple truth: aside from the food and the company, the party’s DJ can make or break your guests’ experience. To ensure our clients hire the right entertainment professional for their once-in-a-lifetime event, Vatican Banquet Hall has compiled a list of important questions every couples should ask before choosing a DJ.

Vatican's Guide To Choosing a Wedding DJ

“Do You Offer A Contract?”

A written contract not only helps the DJ know what is expected of him or her, it also protects couples against last-minute cancellations and unforeseen fees. Because your wedding reception is such an important event, we recommend passing on any professional entertainer that doesn’t include a legal contract as part of their services.

“Will YOU Be DJing Our Wedding?”

Because DJs are often subcontracted through larger entertainment companies, the person you speak with on the phone or meet with when booking your entertainment may not actually be the person who shows up on the day of your wedding. Be sure you get to meet with your actual DJ before your wedding reception, and double-check that his or her name (not the name of the entertainment company) is on the contract!

“How Many Weddings Have You Done?”

Every DJ must have a “first” wedding, but that doesn’t mean it has to be yours! Before putting ink to paper, be sure the DJ you choose has a fair amount of experience, not just spinning at random events, but playing for weddings in particular. Reputable DJs should also be able to present a list of references; be leery of the professional that cannot produce one.

“Will You Also Make Announcements?”

Especially at large weddings, it often helps to have someone introduce the bridal party and make announcements regarding the evening’s events. Some DJs may include this job as part of their services, but be sure to ask for a demonstration beforehand. For DJs that don’t include emcee-ing as part of their services, venue managers may also handle the responsibility.

“How Much Control Will We Have Over The Music?”

Many couples prefer to curate their entire wedding playlist, while others tend to have “Must Play” and “Do Not Play” lists but otherwise allow the DJ to work the crowd as he or she sees fit. Before you begin shopping for an entertainment professional, determine how much control you want to have in your wedding music selection, then find a DJ who will work within your guidelines.

“What Will You Wear To Our Wedding?”

Most professional DJs own a nice suit or tuxedo, but it’s important to ask specific questions to make sure his or her attire fits with your desired aesthetic. What type of tuxedo is it? Is it overly flashy, loud, distracting, or chintzy? What will you wear when setting up and tearing down? Will guest see you in your street clothes before or after the reception? Asking these questions may help avoid conflict or embarrassment on the day of your reception.

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